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kaoz was a mailbox system several years ago (being one of the coolest art boards in germany, i would like to add). now we are running an internet server to support groups, events and the scene.


09|06|19 Evoke 2009 Evoke moves to a new loction. Be there 31/87-02/08. Now in Abenteuerhallen Kalk!

08|06|08 Evoke 2008 Another Evoke is going to take place 8/9/10 of august in Vulkanhalle, Köln.

07|03|07 Evoke 10 Our favourite demoparty will celebrate its 10th birthday this year.

29|11|05 demoparty.net launched the small list of demoparties has been extended. googlemaps and more.

05|06|05 evoke 2005 website launched your favourite demoparty has finally launched the website for 2005.

05|06|05 small update to demoparty.net being a small list of demopartys (e.g. when ojuice is down once again) for quite a while now, some more features have been added. especially every demoparty displayed has a page with details now.

02|12|04 10 years of black maiden black maiden are going to celebrate their first appearance on the pc scene 10 years ago with a party in cologne.

11|09|04 evoke archive the archive website for evoke recevied an update. not only it was recoded from scrath but information on evoke 2003 and 2004 were added as well. all releases (with previews), reports and photos on evoke.

07|07|04 evoke netlabel night a nice webpage for the evoke netlabel night just went online. in addition the 2002 webpage is online as well.

22|05|04 blackmaiden.de the black maiden website finally received a major redesign. the new design was done by zippy, the code by poti. among others pandur and avenger were involved in the update process.

29|04|04 evoke 2004 the final webpage for evoke 2004 has just been launched (after two different temp pages and the z003 page getting moved to z003.evoke-net.de). some information is already available, the rest will be there within the next weeks. enjoy the digital playground!

18|03|04 demoscene.info digitale kultur e.v. launches demoscene.info as an information portal on the demoscene during cebit 2004

02|02|04 kolor your favourite demo group has moved to its own domain kolor.org, still hosted by kaoz.org

21|10|03 digitale kultur e.v. the website of the association received a major redesign by raytrayza / kolor. in the notsonear future a lot more information on the demoscene is going to be added

25|08|03 evoke after the party is over (a really huge success with about 280 visitors from all over europe and about 100 releases) they put the intranet site (design by noize / kolor) online. in addition a post party section is available now featuring reports, photos and releases

14|05|03 colscene a petite website for your favourite scene meeting and mailinglist: the colscene.

09|05|03 kolor noize polished up the kolor homepage quite a lot right after breakpoint, where kolor came 2nd in the demo compo with "relais".

08|05|03 evoke the evoke archive (including releases, photos and reports from all evoke parties) just relaunched with a brand new design by avenger / blackmaiden.

28|04|03 kaoz the kaoz.org webpage is back with a small redesign. enjoy.

20|04|03 evoke the evoke website has had a major relaunch just before breakpoint. the site features details on evoke 2003. all work done by pandur (design), avenger (design), poti (cms & html) and dipswitch (text).

31|03|03 digitalekultur right before the society "digitale kultur" was found their webpage got launched. until breakpoint all information was added, including an english version.