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emissions #2

yes! emissions#2 is now finally out.. this second event aiming to portray the oldskool chiptune sounds we all adore (don't we !?) even tops our first issue.. just like emissions#1, this second comprehensive document of chiptune-music features a selection of -exclusive- music from some of the finest protagonists of the global electronic pc/amiga-underground: ambientmove, mefis, velvet, vim, substance, screamager, dynamix, radix, vivid and skaven just to name some(!) of the contributors.. in total more than 70 chiptunes, which made the tough preselections.. emissions#2 can be downloaded from the "releases"-page, do go ahead..

the guest stars of chapter1: boomer/kfmf, calimero/trancefusion, dac/rr, dynamix/destiny/void, heretic/destiny, hollywood/mono, keith303/rr/255, meat/zerius, mefis/tokyo dawn records/funk/tpolm, mortimer twang/mono, mystical/purple, spoon/rr/razor1911, twilight/mono and last but not least vivid/kfmf/rr.. so don't dare miss either.. :)

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