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the groovilicious ethos9 productions
"frame" - 64ktro for the wired96 (-7th)
note: the wrong music was mistakenly taken!
"fettina" - magic's 4ktro for the tp#6 (-2nd)
"emissions#1" - chip hip hurray!
a bbs-intro for the comitek bbs by speedy
"astral dream" - 64ktro for the mekka97 (-5th)
"hias" - magic's 4ktro for the mekka97 (-2nd)
"deep inside of her" - speedy's 4ktro for the mekka97 (-9th)
note: entirely coded at the partyplace
"emissions#2 - the encore" - our second chiptune-musicdisk
don't dare miss this one!
the evoke97 invitation intro

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